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Working at Heubach

You want to do an apprenticeship, gather practical experience while studying, start a career after graduating or apply your professional expertise to a new challenge? Heubach could be just right for you!

What we offer

The world's leading pigment producer with a 200-year track record, we combine tradition with innovation. Modern manufacturing technology and a stringent quality policy guarantee the production of high-performance color and anticorrosive solutions that meet demanding industry-specific requirements. Our very capable and highly motivated team provide the strength behind our company.

What sets us apart

Clear structures and flat hierarchies create a trusting work environment with a lot of scope for creativity. To promote the development of your own individual strengths, Heubach will entrust you with a high degree of personal responsibility early on. In addition to attractive employment conditions as well as an exciting range of activities, Heubach provides staff with various training and development opportunities.

Work Culture

The Heubach work culture is focused on its people and how to make coming to work a pleasure and something to look forward to , and not a bore or a chore. We believe that an enthusiastic colleague makes for a happy and contented one and who than delivers effectively for our most focused area that is our customers satisfaction.

STAR413 -第(312)章节

We have a workforce of 1,200 highly qualified and dedicated professionals contributing to the success of the Heubach Group. Join them and discover your full potential.

STAR413 -第(312)章节


The Heubach Values

Customer first

Our people our pride

Innovation always

Responsible Care as a way of life

Customer Oriented Approach at Heubach

Identifying customer requirement and understanding their business.

Orienting products which fulfil their requirement.

Marketing and sales activities which are specific to the customer's needs.

Value-added services to provide the customer with an edge.

Employer of Choice

Our people's safety, mental and physical well-being is the top priority for us and our working conditions and work culture reflects this at all times

Heubach is a people-oriented company and we truly believe that happy and energized employees are the key to success.

Responsible Care & Transparency

Heubach, as Responsible Care Company, strives to adhere to the ethics and values of a RC company in every activity that is done. We are fond of saying " Responsible Care is a way of life" and sustainability is the key to our existence and growth.


Whether you're a technical specialist or manager, at Heubach you'll meet plenty of new challenges as well as have the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. 

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Whether you are starting out in your first job or switching careers, your new highly-qualified and experienced co-workers will provide you with all the help you need to get your career started.

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Whether you're doing an internship, working part-time while studying or writing a thesis, at Heubach we will help you cement theory with practical experience and provide you with initial career insights. 

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